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Hi ISS readers my name is sultan (name changed) from Faridabad. I am sharing my true experience with you all hope you like it. This is my first story so please ignore my mistakes. Any girl or bhabhi from Delhi ncr interested in 1 to 1 fun can e-mail me at This happened when I was in class11 . My cousin Ambika was also of my same age. She is small in height and have fig 32-28-30. Her boobs are her best attraction those firm boobs which can tempt anyone. Let us begin with the story. Just after my 11th class final exams I planned to visit Calcutta to my grandparents place. When Ambika’s father came to know that I am going to Calcutta he informed my dad Ambika also wants to visit Calcutta to her bua and inquired that if have any problem if she goes with me. . To which my dad agreed. And booked to tickets to Calcutta in a/c 1st class. Our train was scheduled to depart at 11:00am. Now day our journey arrived she reached my home @8 to pick me to reach Delhi station we were introduced by my dad we greeted each other with hi and hello. . And headed towards Delhi driver dropped us at Delhi station . As I just had 1 bag and she was caring 2 luggage I offered her to help her to which she agreed at that time I realised that she is not raged and we can easily pass time together . We boarded the train and our journey started. It was pin drop silence in our box as we both were new to each other for almost an hour. I decided to break the silence and told her that I am felling hungry and she told that she is also hungry. We had our breakfast. Now we started to chat on some general topics and studies. While we were talking to my surprise she suddenly asked do you have girlfriend I said no. And I asked her do you have boyfriend she said no to which my reply was “Jhooth mat bol yar itni sexy ladki ko aj ke time kaun ni pasand krta hoga”she gave a nasty smile. And said really I said yes if I knew you before I would surely proposed u. She said you can still do that while she was saying she put her head on my lap and laid on the seat. I asked are you sure she said yes. I asked do you know what girlfriend boyfriend do and put my hand on her boobs to my surprise she put her hand on my penis and again gave me a nasty smile I got the signal and started to press her boobs over her top and put my lips on her lips and we started smooching we smooched for almost 15-20 mins and then unlocked our lips. Now I raised her top till her boobs and un hooked her bra. Her white creamy boob and pink nipples which were already hard seemed amazing. I started to suck her left boob and my right hand was massaging her right boob. . I could feel her heavy breathes and her sweet moans…Now I started to suck her left boob she hold my left hand and put it between her thy. I stared to massage at her vaginal portion over her shorts. . After 10 min I pointed toward my fully erect 7. 5inch tool which was in full potential and tell in naughty voice that it wants to be free and fell the fresh air. She under stood and kneel down and un hooked her jeans and removed my jeans and jockey at 1 go. I removed m t-shirt. I was fully nude and had some hair on my tool she started to stroke my penis with her hand I asked her to suck it and give me a blow job but she hesitated to do so I also did not forced and now I asked her to remove her clothes she stood up and removed her shirt and top her bra was already unhooked so she was now just in her pink panty. I hold her waist and pulled near me. . I stared to kiss her belly and she was going crazy with that kiss. Removed her panty and still kissing her belly and started rubbing her pussy. Now she was moaning hmmmm…Ahhhhhhh… Hhmmmmmm…. Yaaaa…. Do it hard…. . I am loving it…Do it hitu……After 10 mins I made her lay on the seat and started licking her pussy. And I can fell that she was on7th cloud suddenly I felt a jurk in her bady and she hold my hairs tightly and she cumed all over my face. I gave her time to relax . After 2mins she hold my penis and put it in her mouth I was surprise because she was hesitating before but I was realy enjoying . . I ejected all my drops in her mouth and she drank it. . Now she was playing with my tool and making fun of my shrink tool. I started to kiss her again and within 5 min my tool was again ready to fight. I told her now I am going to take revenge of fun you made of my penis. . And started fingering her pussy…. She started moaning ahhaahhhhh…. Oooohhhaahhhhh………. Fuck me…Fume me I can’t control …. Ahhhhhhh. I removed my finger and pushed my penis in her pussy. I push my whole giant dick was inside her and she gave a very load moan out of pain. . I put my lips on her and started kissing her. . And started stroking her. Now her pain was turning into pleasure…. And she started to enjoy…She was giving very sweet moans. Ahhh…. . Fuck me hard…. Go more deep fuck me…I am all yours fuck me…. Fuck me like I am your bitch……. Ahhhhhhhhh…. aahhhh.. Ohhhhh…After 35 min of fucking session I was about to cum I took out my tool she took it in her mouth and I cumed again in her mouth. We enjoyed the whole journey sitting nude and playing with each other’s too. I fucked her 2 more times during night. Hope you guys like mu story and it made you horny. Please give my feedback in my mail so I can improve. Mai me at