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Aam bagane choda chudi Marbo Gudd chudbo toryei Ore Khanki Shore dara Ashchey amar Pagla Bara Pagla Bara khepeche Podher futo mereche….. Hi friends this is fallenspring, thank you all from your comments and suggestions, it took a long break due to some circumstances of personal affairs. Thanks again for waiting. I noticed my story in many other sites and blogs by different authors and the edited those at their will. but I dont't really care. Anyways here is my next story. Grame choda chudi Partho woke up this morning from his bed and the thing he saw was that his dada was pounding his 14”cock in and out of his mothers black choot in doggie style. This is a usual stuff that happens in his family, they were fucking on the floor right in front of his bed. His mom Mala was wearing only her tight red blouse and her panty which she was wearing while getting fucked. Her blouse was already too small for her 38DD boobs which Partho’s says milk tanks. Partho was already naked as last night he fucked his mom on the bed 3 times in her pussy, he got up from the bed and knelt down in front of his mother as his cock was straight pointing towards her. His mom saw him and gave a bitchy smile, Partho grabbed her hairs and pushed is cock in her mouth, she readily took the cock and started sucking it like a lollipop. In pleasure Partho gave out his fresh morning piss inside his mothers mouth which she drank in thirst. On the other side his grandfather was thrusting his cook deep in his mothers pussy. After his mom drank every drop of his piss she continued sucking her beloved son’s cock. She started moaning louder as his dada increased the speed of his thrust. After 15 minutes of few hard pumps he came in her pussy and both of them fell on the ground. They both were breathing heavily and then as dada took out his sleazy penis out of his mom’s pussy, white cum started flowing out like a river stream. Dada then got up and took out a bundle of 50,.000 rupee and stuffed it in mom’s wet pussy and left. I then came near mother and took out the bundle, keeping it aside I pushed my 9”cock in mom’s cum filled pussy. Partho- (while slowly moving his cock in and out of his mom’s pussy) ma dada’r ki hoyeche? Ma-(laughing and rubbing her hand over my hairs) ami tor dada’r kache taka cheye chillam kichu kina katar jonno, to tor dada khela suro korechey je ami tar employee are ami take amar ghorey dekey take diye chodiye taka kamabo. Tai shey eto dhong korechey. Ta tor ki aj magi paray kaj ney. Partho- na ma magiparar sob mohiladerke chodey chodey moja niyechi. Ta chinta korchi je ami pandit shaheber barite jai ajke, sonechi je tar bou eshechey. Ta ami jetey parbo amar khanki ma? Ma- ta to bhalo kotha ta jabi key baron korechey? Tui bablu(amar chachato bhai, amar cheye 2 masher boro anr sona ta dui inch choto sona.)keo niye ja, tor chachi pagol hoye gechey take niye, sarakhon make chodey, tor chachakeo chance dey na. Partho(sad but kept on fucking)- ma aj baba hole koto kushi hoto na sobai sobaike ekhono choday. Ma (also sad)- hai baba tor baba aj onek kushi hoto. Ekhon taratari chod amake, uufff onek kaj baki achey. Partho- thik achey ma aye naoo saying this he increased his speed and pushed in much harder and deeper. His mom wrapped her legs around Partho’s back and kissed Partho on every thrust. Her pussy was oozing out dada’s cum which was also milking Partho’s dick. Partho came right after 10 minutes deep in his mother’s womb and quickly got up by giving her a deep French kiss, pushpa(Partho’s mom) remained on the bed by spreading her pussy and watching the sperms overflowing out of her pussy. As Partho left Tony(a German shepherd dog) came in and slowly walked towards his mistress. Ma- arrey tony, aye sona kuttar baccha aye, dekh tor bhai tor kutti mayer bhitore tar kosh dheley moyla kore diyechey, tui ektuu aaaahhhhh….aaaaahhhhh hey baba hay chat aro bhalo bhave chatt!! Tony knew what his mistrss wanted so he took out his long rough tongue and started licking her cum filled pussy. He was so horny that he tried to take the entire pussy in his mouth. Mala lifted her ass so that her pussy can enter more in the dogs mouth. On the other side Partho walked out of his mom’s house and walked over the ground to the other house. They live in a village where there is no connection with the city or if they know that they even existed. He went to his chacha’s house where he saw inside that Bablu and his 18 year old sister sheetal was fucking in missionary position in front of their mom. Chachi was a bit fat, ugly and a dark skinned woman with figure of 39-37-42, she is actually Partho’s mom’s sister who got married to Partho’s dad, dada and chacha. She was on the bed with her children wearing her mangalsutras (my dad’s,chacha’s and dada’s) and orange sindoor. She was seeing her children fucking in extreme with proudness. She was wearing nothing except her ornaments of the nose, ears, bangles and long chains of steel. Bablu was pounding so hard that the bed seemed like it’ll break. Sheetal kept her mouth open and her eyes closed in pain and pleasure. Bablu thought of doing something kinky so he spitted his cough right in sheetal’s mouth. She opened her eyes and first drank the cough and said sheetal(allad)- maa deykho na Babluda ki korchey. Chachi-aye Bablu, keno khamakha tar mukhey dichis tui Janis jey shey ayegulo pochondo korey na, tui amake diti? Bablu was giving a devilish smile and started pounding harder. Finally pushed his cock as deep as he could and sprayed is cum in his sister’s cock. Partho came in and gave chachi a kiss and sheetal too. Partho- chacha kothay? Chachi- tor chacha pasher barir khokonder barite giyechey tor dadake niye. Ta kenorey? Partho- na eybhabaye.Ta khokoner barite keno abar? Chachi- Khokoner nani naki aj aeshechey nondipara thekey tai tor dada ektu purono bhandhobir dorshon korte gechey. Partho (smiling)-tai bolo. To shonechey naki Bablu sheetaler pet korar chesta korchey. Chachi- ar bolish na, tara dui bhai bon ki jey khela suro korchey, sheetal naki tar bhayer bacchar ma hote chai, ta bhalo kotha botye kintu ami chai je eta sheetaler biyer pore hok. Bablu- ma sheetal to amar dewa mangalsutra ar sidoor pore achey to tar biye to hoye giyeche. Chachi- ta to hoyeche kintu ami chai jey sheetaler biya abar hok parrar moloyer shathey. Cheleta jey ki jinish, kalo kuchkuchey 13”sona aye boyoshey. Babba!!! Sheetal- ma tomar Jodi eto sokh hoye thakey taholey tumi biye koro na keno? Chachi- ami to agerthekeyi 3 ti biye korechi. Ami tar bacchar ma tobey hote pari.(everyone laughed) while laughing Partho came on the bed and sat behind chachi, he brought his hands in front of her and started squeezing her huge melons. She kept her eyes closed and was moaning slowly by spreading her legs and widening her fluffy pussy. Partho- chachi, mone achey chotobela amra tin bhaibon tomar kachey eytam dudh khetey, are tumi gorur moto char hatepaye bhor dite are amra bacorer moto tomar dudh khetam, kokhono kokhono chachu tomar voda marto aye positione. Chachi-(sexy voice) hay baba amar mone achey, tora dui bhai jey dustami korti. ghomaner somey dorjar faak diye amaderke chodtey dekhti are tora bechari Sheetalke niye chodanor chesta korti toder ghore kintu oi somoye toder kochi nunu sheetales kochi choto sundor chootey ektuo dhuktona, khali hasti shursoritey tora. Partho (shocked) tomra kivabhey jano chachi? Chachi-arrey ami janbo na, ami toder hasher aowaj peye asey dekhta are amrao toder paglami dekhey musckey hastam. Toder mone achey jey toder dadi jokhon peshab korto tokhon tora take dekhti are tar peshaber dharey haat diti. Bablu- (getting up from Sheetal and taking his cock out of her wet sticky pussy)hai ma mone ache ar kokhono kokhono amra dadir voda mukhey niye tar peshab khetam moja kore. Tomar mone achey ma amader jokhon sonar barti chamra fele diyechile tokhon dadi, jethi are tumi proti rate amader sona chuste, peshab kethey are kosh o bherkore khetey khub moja kore. Tao abar baba ba dadar ba parar onno lokder ke dekey choda kheye kheye korte (laughing). Chachi(happy and satisfied, I was still pressing her melons and kissing her neck all round) Haire amar dhon amar mone achey sob. Abar ek somoy pandit sahib amake are didike(Partho’r ma) chikon veth niye thash thast kore amader udam voday marte laglo are lal kore fello, tora dui bhai eshey panditke marte lagli are amra haste laglam. Tar por toderke bhojhalam je amra mondire giye pobitro Ram bhogobaner lomba 18”matir barata amader vodar neowar chesta korchilam to pandit sahib oikhaneyei amaderke tar ghore niye mojar shasti dichillo, tar por tora khoma chaili are ponditer sona tora nijer maader voday set korli are bolli chudtey, tar por ponditer tin chelera ashlo are tora duibhai moja kore amader group sex dekhte lagli. Tora abar raag kore kheytina Jodi ami ba toder dadi ba jethi toder samne choda na khetam. toderke ghum paranir jono toder sona chushe dite hoto are sheetaler baba, dada are jetha take niye ki je korto. Jokhon shey 3 bochorer tokhon tara take niye dining tabler modhe shoaye tar kochi voday choto choto rotir tukro dhukiye tarpor kichikhon por taderke bhar koriye kheyto, take ekta boro patile rekhey tar sorore moth ba onno pani jatio jinish diye gosol korato are sai pani barir sob purushera kheto moja kore. Sheetal(wearing her black panty and pink mini blouse)-moneachey ma tara sob somoy amar ponder phutotake niye khelto, oitar bhitore mombatti ba choto mulayem sobji dhukiye rakhto, are paykhana hole to sob goo pelay niye moja kore kheto. Ratre sobr smoye dada tar nakh amar putkir phutoye dhukiye rakhto are bolt khali nanu paad dao to dekhi are ami heshey voth voth kore paad ditam.(everyone laughed) Bablu- Ma tomar mone ache para Beno kaki? Kotobar je oni eshey tomader voday tel malish korto, oni amader sona phooke phooke amader betha komiey ditto jokhon amader barti chamdra kete feler diyechillo. Onek bhalo manus tini, ekhon koi? Chachi(she was lying down as Partho was preparing her pussy to be fucked by applying hi spit on it) Shey to ekhon to thake.Aaahh (Partho pushed his cock in her pussy and started fucking her slowly) hai baba ayeto amar Partho amake moja dichey,aye Bablu dekh na kivabhe tor bhai tor maar vodatake ador korey chudchey? Bablu-Ma ami to sudhu to maderke magider moto chotey jani bas. (everyone laughed) After 15 minutes of hard thrusts he came righ in her womb and remained there. Bablu and sheetal left the room before they spoke about the baby. Partho was tired and so was chachi. The both remained on the position and breathing heavily. Partho’s cock was still cumming in his chachi’s cunt. Partho then took a base of chachis mangalsutras and started biting and sucking it along with one of her boobs. She was rubbing her hand over his head and padding him to sleep. His loose cock was still in her cunt very slippery and sticky. Partho then got up along with his chachi after 1½ hour. Partho walked out of his chachi’s house and took a look around. He saw his dadi drying the grains on the ground along with his mom, he saw his sister sheetal oiling her body. He walked towards the pandit’s house and when he reached the mandir he could hear the pandit’s wife screaming, moaning and using rough languages in pleasure. Partho peeked inside and couldn’t belive what he saw. Shoba mashi( pandit’s wife) was sitting on her brother’s cock which was deep in her ass, she was facing Siddhu and Bittu(my friends) who were pounding her pussy at the same time. I also noticed Moloy getting a boob fuck from shoba mashi. Some other males were masturbating and pinching her thighs due to pleasure. They all are so crazy to fuck her because she just returned from nondipara ( our village kunoypara and nondipara are 2 islands deep in the largest jungle. From our village the nearest city is 400 kilometres so we only can communicate with nondipara. That village is also like us.) where she took a promise to starve her pussy without any sight of cocks for about 4 monthes. So now she is so crazy. The mandir is near the jetty where many ferries were waiting to go to nondipara. The fare is free as we donot use any kind of money or coins in our village, we are natives and help each other out.(one thing is absolute about us is that we lve not wearing clothes) I was walked to one of the ferry whom I know really well. Partho- Holdi kaka jae naki nondiparay? Holdikaka- jabo Partho jabo uthey boso. On the way Partho- ko go holdi kaka tomar meyer na baccha hobar kotha achilo? Ta take pet korar lok ti key? Holdikaka- ji Parthoda ami shei lok. Amar meye ke ma baniyechi ami, ta baccha debar somoy tomar ma are chachi chillo, ki je bolbo putuler moto sundor hoyeche amar natnimeye. Takeyo ami edin chudbo bhogoban chaily. Partho-ta theek. Cholo tahole ami ashi. Holdikaka- ta parthoda kothay jacho? Partho- beno kaki’r sathey dekha korte. Holdikaka- oww jao jao, uni to aye dui din hoyeche magipara thekey firechey. Partho walked along the muddy path and asked a married naked lady Partho- ji sonon? The lady was maybe of age 20’s and smiled at Partho and touched his cock as she looked at him mohila- ji bolun. Partho- apne amake bolte parben beno kakir bari kothay? Mohila- abossoy oi je basher ghor dekhchen sheytai benoammar ghor. Ta ektu moja nin? Partho- na go bhon arek din eshey tomake moja dibo(saying this Partho squeezed one of her 38 sized boobs and he say that stram of hot milk pouring) Partho was shocked and asked Partho- bon tomar naam ki go? Mohila- Bindu. Partho- bindu didi amar na abar mayer dudh khabaar onek sokh kintu ghre kono mohilar baccha nai toooo bindu- to apni amar menar thekey dudh khetey chan taito. Partho- hai didi.ta dada kichu mone…bindu- arey dayth. Amar jamai to ekta bokachoda majhi tar chinta tumi korona go amar notun bhai. Tai shey kichu mone korey na. aso amar sathey ami tomake benoammar barite niye jai. Shekhaney giye amar dudh kheyo eccha moto sona bhai amar. Partho(walking along the path with bindudidi)-ta didi kothao jaccilen? Babu kanna korbe na? bindu- arey ami to ghatlate goshol kortey jacchilam are amar babu to amar shashurir kachey. They arrived at binokaki’s house where Partho saw binokaki, she was at her 70’s sitting on the ground wearing only a steel chain and making some herbal Viagra. Partho came from back very quietly and closed benokaki’s eyes with his hands. Binokaki got shocked and scared and said in frightening voice who was it . Partho- amar naam ta boloto dekhi. binokaki- ami ami janina amake chere dao. Partho- sobar boro tar dhon, Pagol hoye daray ton, Sob mohiladerke maa banay aye Achey emon jado tar malaie tye Ar keo na shey tomrao jano take Shey amarder vodar pagol sobsomoy thakey Menokaki(whispering with total joy)Partho…Partho (turning around, very happy and in tears, kissing all over his hace)amar sona amar dhoner malik. Oommaaa koto boro hoyecheygo amar Partho! Kotodin je toderke dekhini!!! Aye aye. Owwree Kamla dekh ke eshechey, amar Parthobaba. Partho followed menokaki with total joy and happiness. He didn’t had any sexual feelings for her but was happy to see her assets. Her followed her inside where he and bindu entered. Partho and bindu sat on the bed as menokaki sat beside Partho and was seeing his body and cock. Menokaki- (horny and mouth dripping saliva) Partho sona, asho amar upore. Chottobelay koto bolecho menokaki ami jokhon boro hobo tomake onek chudbo. Aye baba chudey chudey kotha boli. Partho- menokaki, tumi na khub bhalo, sarakkhon sudhu tomar kotha mone porechey. Eto bochor hoyechey tumi..oooowwww(her entered his cock in his kaki’s waiting pussy. Bindu helped Partho by adjusting his cock in front of her pussy. She then started licking both the cock an pussy)ekbaro dekhtey asoni. Ami ekhon tomake chudey chuder sashti debo kemon? Menokaki-(very satisfied and horny, she kept her eyes closed and rubbed her hands on Partho’s back and kept moaning as Partho’s long snake kept on entering his kaki’s deep dark hole)hai baba amake sasti dey. Dekh amar menagulo kemon kore tor dike takiye achey, tarao toke bhule naire AAAAHHH..AAAAHH.. AAAAHHHH.AucHHH. AAAAA….OOMMMAAAAA !!!.....KOOOTTTTOOO BBOOORRROOO!!!.... Partho (scared)kaki betha paccho? Menokaki- nago amar sona tui chod amake.. aree… bolll… ghoorerr…. Sobaieee…. Kemon….aaahhh….. achey..aaahhh Partho (thrusting his cock as much as he can) sobai bhalo ache tomake ami ekdin niye jaboo..bindu didi tumi ektu tomar vodta k=menokakike diye chatao jate ami tomar dudh khetey pari didi..menokaki(allad)- beshooroom Partho keu ki didir dudh khai naki bokachoda cheley? Partho- menokaki tumiamader samne proti ratre tomar bhai ba bhaier cheleke diye chodo nai. To ami amar magi didir torol misti dudu keno khete parbona? Bolo dekhi menokaki-(Smiling with proudness) jak eto jokhon sokh to khao bindur dudh. Then bindu got up and spreaded her cunt as she sat right on top of menokaki’s mouth. Menokaki started eating bindu’s cunt and Partho was fucking menokaki and drinking bindu’s milk at the same time. For 15 minutes of this position the all came hard ad fell on the bed at once. Bindu got up and bade bye to kaki and Partho and left. Partho was still over benokaki and then Partho- benokaki tumi ki banacchiley? Benokaki- ami? Ami ekta buti bannachilam ja lagale sona are sokto anr lomba hoy, eta lagabe? Partho- hai tumi jokhon baniyecho to lagabo na? then Partho lyed on the bed properly and beno kaki started massaging and applying the paste on Partho’s cock. They both were chatting, giggling and having fun the all day. Beno kaki and Partho fucked the whole day near the pond and house. Partho(beno kaki was lying on the ground with her body covered with oil. Partho was playing with benokaki’s pussy) kaki tumi amar sathey cholo to kunoiparay, sheykhane dada are chacha tumake chodar jonno pagol hoye gechey. Benokaki- aj noy Partho arekdin ami ashbo. While returning Partho thought of going to bindu didi’s house so he went near her house and saw that bindu was in the kitchen(in villages the kitchen is outside the house) from inside the house he could hear a couple fucking, he went near bindu and said Partho- nomoshkar bindu didi. Bindu(very happy to see Partho) arey Partho nomoshkar aso bhai asho. Partho- didi bhitore key go? Bindu-amar shashuri are jamai. Ta kichu khabe? Partho- no go didi benokakir bari theykey kheye eshechi ta cholo ektu tomake chudi? Bindu- tumi ghore jao ami ashchi. Partho- nago ami tomake ekhanei chudbo. Bindu laughed hearing this and got got up from that place and lyed down on the mud. Partho, took some oil and poured it on bindu’s cunt. He then attached his cock in front ofher pussy and by givig just a slight push the cock slipped in a then he slowly started the rhythm. Partho(while fucking bindu) Didi, dulabhai kivabhe tomake biye korlo. Bindu (getting fucked and laughing)- tomar jija to ashole amar khalato bhai, ma baba mara jabar por ami khalar barite thaki, to shei amake prothom chudechey. Partho(increasing his speed) didi bhitore falabo? Bindu (instant) na bahiyya anno somoy aj tumi amar mukhey ba tomar bhaginike kheye dao. Hearing this I got up from her and she too got up. We walked in the houe and saw that jija wasfucking his mom in doggie style,the both smiled at me and I came near the cradle and saw the beautiful small cunny. Bindu didi picked her daughter up and knelt down in front of me looking staraight in my eyes. Her eyes were begging me to cum in her daughters mouth so I started jacking off and I then quickly inserted the head of my penis into bindu didi’s daughter’s mouth and sprayed my load.. everyone was happy to see this and I was tired so I bade them bye and left
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